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In this directory you will find useful information about Oh, and in case you are wondering about how to pronounce it: here's Linus's own statement about the pronounciation of "linux"

The versions linked here are always the latest version as grabbed off of my running system.
If you find one broken, try again in a few minutes, or mail me.

Most Scripts here written by me are made public under the GNU GPL
/usr/local/bin/connectiontestNeeds online--7.3.3, reconnect--7.3.1, dual--7.3.1, single--7.3.1, bash
/usr/local/bin/dialNeeds dual--7.3.1,, getip--7.3.1, bash
/usr/local/bin/dualNeeds isdnctrl (i4l)
/usr/local/bin/dumpallttyNeeds setterm
/usr/local/bin/dyndnsqueryNeeds host (dns-tools)
/usr/local/bin/fetch-newsNeeds leafnode
/usr/local/bin/getipNeeds ifconfig
/usr/local/bin/hangupNeeds isdnctrl(i4l)
/usr/local/bin/ip-updateNeeds, ddclient
/usr/local/bin/mk-htmlNeeds Bash, grep, sed, cp
/usr/local/bin/needspeedNeeds Bash, test, touch
/usr/local/bin/onlineNeeds ping of SuSE 7.3
/usr/local/bin/readconsoleNeeds setterm, Bash
/usr/local/bin/reconnectNeeds hangup--7.3.1, dial--7.3.1, bash
/usr/local/bin/reversednsNeeds Bash, grep, sed, host
/usr/local/bin/singleNeeds isdnctrl(i4l)
/usr/local/bin/squid_cache_resetNeeds squid
/usr/local/bin/statusNeeds watch, isdnctrl, xntpdc, uptime, tail, grep
/usr/local/bin/usenetcancelNeeds Bash, grep, sed, cp
/usr/local/bin/usenetpostingNeeds Bash, grep, sed, cp

And here now some nifty script to use, if you want to run stuff on your TTYs instead PTY
The other day I ran into the problem of having to control my Linux router directly, instead of by ssh. I did have an additional Keyboard, but no secondary monitor, and I was too lazy to plug the monitor off one PC and on to my router, and back and forth again...

so I wrote the following loop:
while usleep 10000; do readconsole; done
usleep is a little c program that waits for $1 microseconds, readconsole can be found above
don't confuse the 2 keyboards and have fun :) (at that setting you need approx 100 kbyte/sec link, if you use sleep 1 instead of usleep it's kinda laggy but a 1 kbyte/sec link will do for a 80x50 console)

The nifty thing about this is, that readconsole (w/o parameter) follows the active TTY around, as if it were your monitor. Only downside is that you cannot see your cursor, so editing might not be as much fun as on a local console...



Linux is like a comfy Wig-Wam:
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